What We Do Differently and Why

Focus Forward Skilled Care was founded by a seasoned registered nurse administrator who had worked for several pediatric home health providers in Central Florida and believed she could offer better care through a deeper commitment to the special needs of medically fragile children and to the kind exceptional teamwork and communication possible only within a small team. Five years later, we're still doing things differently.


A Commitment to Communication

We listen. We want to learn everything we can about your child's developmental needs. We want to hear which medications you think are working and which aren't. We want to know what problems need to be solved, what we can do differently to provide better care, and how we can further improve your child's health and quality of life. We also respect your participation in the care of your child and want to support your family in your daily lives. We are committed to providing the care your child needs, and sometimes that means giving you space and privacy.


The Best Nursing

Focus Forward is accredited by The Joint Commission

Focus Forward is accredited by The Joint Commission

We select and hire skilled, dedicated, and compassionate nurses specifically to meet individual patients' needs. If you need enhanced coverage or a change in team members, we open an ad and interview nurses just for your child. To ensure the continuity of quality care, new team members learn your child's unique needs by shadowing existing nurses. Nursing supervision is scheduled at least every 30 days with an RN Manager in your home to ensure your child has what he or she needs. And to keep our exceptional nurses on the Focus Forward team, we offer the highest wages in the market and additional bonus incentives.


24/7 Clinical Leadership

We employ an RN Administrator, a Director of Nursing, and an Assistant Director of Nursing to ensure that clinical leadership is always available. You will never reach a call service when you call Focus Forward, and neither will your nurses.


Personalized Service

We take pride in offering the kind of individualized service and care that larger corporations can't promise. For example, we work closely with your Complex Nurse Case Manager and provide a weekly synopsis of your child's care, including upcoming appointments, equipment needs, and medical changes, saving you time on the phone updating your case manager.


Digital Teamwork

The use of an electronic medical records system and a sophisticated internal messaging system that allows our nurses to communicate instantly and securely with their teammates and our leadership via mobile devices means we know exactly what is going on with your child at any given point in time. We believe effective communication is a result of good documentation and asking the right questions, following up for answers, and reevaluating to see if your child’s needs are met.



Easy Payment

Focus Forward Skilled Care offers a variety of payment options including Florida’s Children’s Medical Services Health Plan, WellCare and Staywell. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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A Simple Philosophy

We are guided by a few deceptively simple statements.

We use a balance of wisdom and compassion in every decision we make.

We don't leave problems unresolved; if we have to keep working on it, we will.

We make good choices.

If we don't know, we will find out.

We are not perfect, but we are here to help.