In-home Skilled and Private-duty Pediatric Nursing

Focus Forward Skilled Care provides individualized, in-home care for medically fragile infants and children throughout Central Florida, making it possible for them to stay where they belong — at home with the people who love them most.


A Coordinated Plan of Care, Expertly Implemented

After an initial assessment in your home by a nurse supervisor, we develop a detailed plan of care and then match your family with a small team of caring, compassionate, and highly trained nurses with the skills and experience best suited to your child’s unique needs. In concert with our experienced clinical management team, your nurses will not only provide for your child’s clinical care needs but will also coordinate his or her overall care — including doctor’s appointments, therapies, medical supplies, and medications — so you can focus on being a family.



Meeting the Needs of Medically Complex Children

With training in the use of a wide range of pediatric home heath devices and techniques — ventilators, nebulizers, airway clearance vests, tracheostomy care, oxygen administration, G-tube feeding, IV therapy, apnea monitoring, and more — our nurses can meet the needs of the most complex pediatric patients. We care for children and infants who:

  • Have a chromosomal or genetic disorder

  • Have a seizure disorder or cerebral palsy

  • Have a cardiac disease or anomaly

  • Have had a traumatic brain injury

  • Have had an organ transplant

  • Are recovering from injury or surgery

  • Are quadriplegic or paraplegic

  • Are autistic

  • Are developmentally delayed

  • Are born prematurely

  • Receive IV therapies

  • Receive oncological treatments

  • Have other complex medical needs


Our patients often function with the help of:

  • Enteral (G-tube) feeding

  • Tracheostomy

  • Ventilator

  • Colostomy or ileostomy

  • Pulse oximeter



A Focus on Family Involvement

Your Focus Forward team works not just to improve your child's life, but also your whole family's. Family involvement in planning and care is vital, and your goals and needs are incorporated into our care plans. We work to minimize the disruption of having a non-family member in your home and instead focus on building a positive, effective partnership in order to ensure that your child reaches his or her full potential. Your nurses are a comforting presence in your home, offering education and support to help you become more knowledgeable and confident about caring for your child.


Helping Your Child Live the Best Possible Life

In-home nursing care isn't just about meeting your child's clinical needs and reducing hospitalizations — although it does achieve those important goals. It's also about helping both your child and the rest of your family live the best possible life through dignity, hope, and peace of mind. Kids thrive in the familiar, nurturing environment of home, where they are surrounded by the people who love them and where their condition becomes just a part of their life — not what defines them.