Compassionate, Skillful Home Care for Children and Infants


Achieving a Balance of Wisdom and Compassion

An independent, nurse-owned company, Focus Forward Skilled Care provides individualized, in-home care for medically fragile children and infants across Central Florida, making it possible for them to stay where they belong — at home with the people who love them most.

We take pride in our highly trained staff, superior customer service, and meaningful client interaction. All nurses are trained to meet the unique needs of their specific clients, and we employ an RN Administrator, an Assistance Director of Nursing, and a Director of Nursing to ensure that clinical leadership is available 24 hours a day to address clinical concerns.

We also place a special emphasis on family involvement and work to build positive, effective partnerships with the goal of helping you become more knowledgeable and confident about caring for your child. Our first job is to improve your child’s life, but we also strive to also improve the life of your whole household.

Let’s work together on a plan to deliver the kind of care and support that make your child’s condition just a part of their life — not what defines them.